Digital Cameras — Cover Only Available In The UK

Benefits include:

Theft Accidental loss
Accidental damage Breakdown
Malicious damage Accessories
Fraudulent use Download cover

Cameras are great fun & excellent memory preservers, but can be expensive to replace; so get insurance in case the worst should happen
        and you damage or lose it.

digital camera insurance image

Premiums & Limits

Premiums from:

Essential Plus£6·17£62·79


PolicySingle Item LimitClaim limit / year
Essential Plus£750£1,500

Claims limits & Excess

Claims can be made more than once a year up to a maximum of:

EssentialEssential PlusPremier
An excess of £25 is payable for each claim for theft or damage
and an excess of £50 for accidental loss.

Camera Insurance , Protection and Recovery.

Insurance is a good idea, but preventative measures can be taken in tandem with it to protect your camera equipment from loss and damage; however there are precautions that can be implemented to help safeguard your possessions so total reliance on insurance is not necessary.

Below are a few options for you to consider, re deterrents and recovery:

  • SuperTag is a membership based scheme, whereby you register your details and you are then issued with tags and stickers, containing your membership number and a freephone contact number for the persons who find your property to contact a SuperTag operator, who will help to reunite you with your lost possessions.
  • Immobilise is the world's largest free register of possession ownership details. With Immobilise registration you can instantly inform the police or insurers about the loss, it will aid the police in their efforts to recover your property and capture the thieves, and help insurers to quickly assess insurance claims.
  • SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution that is applied to the uneven surfaces of your valuables. It can be used to mark all sorts of possessions such as electrical items, watches & jewellery, ornaments and even your motor vehicle. Each bottle contains a unique chemical ‘code’ which is registered to you – conclusively proving ownership. It cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the Police to detect.


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